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Relaxed Rust PVE - .5 Decay - 4x - Zlevels - Raidable Bases - Exclusive Towns

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Who We Are

Relaxed Rust was first established in 2019 as a place where you could come and go and escape the aggressive play on the PVP servers. Which is why Relaxed Rust was set up as a PVE server. This server currently has a 0.5 decay rate. The server has Z-Levels on it which allows players the ability to increase the standard 4x gather rate on the server. Due to the increased gather rate, the server has stack sizes set to 50,000 for almost every item with wood being 250,000.

If you want something to do with the explosives you get, there are a number of raidable bases that will spawn around the world. These raidable NPC bases will be of different difficulty levels and will be mostly PVE zones. However, there will be a couple bases where these will be PVP zones. Be very careful when you enter these areas as you can lose everything you are carrying.

When you are playing on the server you will see yourself gaining server rewards. These server rewards can be redeemed at the GUI Shop the server has running. To access the shop type /shop in the chat. This server has many plugins running on it. Be sure to check out the plugin tab for a full rundown of all the plugins on the server and how to use them.

We currently have a duo of town builders who do an amazing job every month with their designs. Be sure to check out the town each month to see what is new. You can teleport to town by typing /town in the chat. A number of quality of life items are available in town and can be purchased with wood.

Meet Our Team

Howdy, I hope you enjoy your stay.