Frequently Asked Questions

You can submit a question here on the website or through Discord!

I will only wipe the map on forced wipes by facepunch. These will always occur around 1:00 pm US Central Time Zone on the first Thursday of every month.

These will not be wiped ever.

You can spend this currency in the GUI Shop plugin. You can access this by typing /shop in the chat.

While there are currently no limits on the size of your builds, I do ask anyone who is not a VIP to limit themselves to a half a grid block at most. If you are a VIP member, I am fine with you taking up a little more than a full grid.

No, these monuments are for everyone. If I find that you have built around a monument, I will delete it instantly. If you do this multiple times, I will ask you to not do it again, if you do, I will not so politely ask you to not do this again.

Currently there are multiple Relaxed Rust servers. The reason for this is I have been searching for the best host for the server. Eventually, I plan on running a few variations of the Relaxed Rust brand. These will include the existing PVE server, a softcore PVP server as well as a fully PVP server. For the eventual PVP servers these will have some quality of life plugins which will be obtainable via the VIP package as well.

Yes, the goal will be to have the VIP package be universal. These packages will allow the VIP to have these perks on any of the servers.

Join the discord and leave a message in one of the channels. There are a few discord admins which will be able to answer your question as quickly as possible. There are multiple people who can help you out. If you have a general question, just ask in chat, it is likely there will be someone willing to help you out in the game. We have a good group of people who play on this server and they are all exceptionally willing to help.

You will want to go to the tebex website and once you view the package you are interested in you will see two links with one being the link to give this package to a friend. You will want to know their steam ID# to ensure they will be able to receive the package, however you can also gift the package by typing in their name as it shows for them on steam.

Send a message to MNfreakTim or send a message to the server and VIP information channel on the discord server and I will respond and update the account within 24 hours.