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    enjoy the benefits

Pump Jacks and Quarries

Increased gather rates

More Home Teleport

more home teleport locations and a higher daily limit of these teleports.

Life Support

life support mod by typing /lifesupport in chat

Portable Utilities

Bbq, a Repair Bench and a Research Table


Allows you to skin your items with all approved workshop skins, as well as several other custom skins from the workshop. If you want a new skin added to this plugin, send the steam workshop ID# to MNfreakTim and I will enter this into the skinbox

No Fuel

All vehicles can be driven without consuming fuel


1 month = $4 US per month

3 month = $10 US per quarter

6 month = $20 US per 6 months

1 year = $30 US per year

Due to the requirements of the server (RAM/GPU) and the increased plugins for the server, it was decided that the server would then offer a VIP package which would be available to everyone on the server. The purpose of the VIP packages is to ensure there is room for future growth of the server and maintain stability with our existing needs. The VIP packages currently offered are as follows.

The VIP packages can be purchase in game by typing /buy or by going directly to the site https://relaxed-rust-pve-no-decay.tebex.io/

Perhaps the largest benefit if you are helping the server maintain the server we currently have and are helping the server be able to expand in the future as well.